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Bare Necessities: Essential Face Makeup Products

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This is my third post and I'm starting to get the hang of it. This is going to be about basic face makeup necessities we all need when we're starting out with makeup. This post would also be a good read for people looking do downsize their collections or what to take with them travelling.

I am not going to talk about skincare in this post as that needs a whole separate post in my opinion.

Oh and a little side note: If your in the US would you prefer links to sephora or the US website of the brand? (all my links are to the actual products themselves and not the website homepage)

Regardless if you care about skincare or not, you'll need a moisturiser to keep a nice smooth base and an easy foundation application. Before you apply makeup you won't want anything too heavy so I would recommend Amie Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser £5 ( or superdrug stores and superdrug stores or

In my opinion this product is unnecessary if you have a good moisturiser, but if you have any problem areas such as oil, redness or wrinkles it may be a good idea to use this. For oil I would recommend The Body Shop Skin Primer 02 Matte it (£11/USD$14 or, for Redness Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protecting Base SPF15 (£14.50/USD$18.50

This one depends on what you need, if you have good skin then make it perfect with just concealer, if you need an all over pick me up then go for both. There are many types fo skin needs when it comes to foundation. So I will just stick to dry and oily for now as they encompass many different skin types.

Oily Skin:
Dry Skin:
For concealer it does not particularly matter about skin type, but about what you're trying to cover up, MAC concealers are great as they are so thick because the products are used by real make up artists who need very thick products for use on television and phot shoots, here's an idea of which ones work best:

As with, but less so than with foundation, this product will depend on your skin type. If your oily, you will most definitely need a powder to set your makeup, and you'll have to choose carefully. There are also loose and pressed formulations to consider. But regardless of what powder you choose, you should lightly blot before applying anything as the powder won't last as long. You don't need to buy expensive blotting sheets, just use tissue paper from your local craft store or stationer. I would reccomend apply loose powder in the morning and taking a pressed powder in your bag for easy touch ups during the day.

If you have dry skin, powder is more for making your foundation last longer, therefore your choice is easier and not as important. But to avoid disaster, here's a few recommendations:

Oily - Pressed
Oily - Loose
  • 17 Shine Control Loose Powder (£5.50
  • Mac Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (£/USD$ MacUK/MacUS)
Dry - Pressed
Dry - Loose
If you decide to use brushes, which you actually don't have to for any of these products apart from the powders. It is important you make the right decision. You'll need a foundation, concealer and Powder brush, here are a selection:

  • Revlon Powder Brush (£/USD$10 revlon stand or or
  • MAC 134 Large Powder Brush (£36.50/USD$52 MacUK/MacUS)

Now that you have all that foundation, concealer and powder on, your face is going to look pretty dead, so if you want to liven it up a bit, blusher is exactly the ticket. Now in terms of shades you really don't need that many for everyday unless your one to experiment like me, if your blonde go for peachy tones and if your brunette pink mauves will work for you, going light or farker on the scale depending on your skin tone. But in terms of the best formulations, these are the way to go:

For a flawless finishing touch to your canvas, bronzer will make your face look like it's been carved by angels *sigh* with the right products of course. For contouring go for a matte shade that will look natural, and for all over colour a bit of shimmer won't hurt anyone:

All Over
These are my essentials for the face, look out for eyes, lips and other categories by subscribing!

happy blogging!

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